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Medical billing and coding is a field where you help doctors and healthcare facilities get paid for the services they provide. This involves working with insurance companies, maintaining patient files, and more. In order to be certified in this career area, you need at least an associate’s degree or diploma in most states, but with the vast number of programs available from colleges both online and at traditional campuses, it can easily become confusing for potential students to find the best program. Although the top ranked program as defined by outside publications might not necessarily be the right school for you, considering these top programs can help you make your education choice.

Drexel University

One of the best online schools is Drexal University, especially in the medical billing and coding area. This 18 credit online program takes up to two years to complete, but can be finished in as little as a year, allowing you to get started working in the medical billing and coding area rather quickly. After completing this program, you’ll be prepared for the medical billing and coding certification exam through your state.

Champlain College

Another online program  you can consider in this field is the Data Coding and Classification certificate program from Champlain College. This program takes about a year to complete and is 21 credits. In addition, you can also go on to complete an associate’s degree program or a bachelor’s degree program  in Health Informatics, which allows you to take on advanced roles in the medical billing and coding field.

Herzing University

At Herzing University, you can join a Medical Billing and Insurance Coding program, which takes 12-18 month to complete. Graduates of this associate’s degree program can take the medical billing and coding certification exam with their state or go on to enter the Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management program.

Keep in mind that even though these are some of the top-ranked programs out there for this industry, there are countless others that you should also consider as well. Think about the qualities you want most in a school – is it a small class size? Or a flexible schedule? Ora robust alumni network? Make a list of the characteristics you want and check out list of schools that fit the bill to find the right one for you.

Online Billing and Coding Degrees

Herzing University AS in Billing & Coding Herzing University – Herzing University offers those looking to break into the health industry a chance to do so as medical billing and insurance specialist. Herzing's AS in Billing & Coding Program teaches how to decipher "diagnosis-related groups" and to properly document the information for the sake of the doctors, insurance and the patient.
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Grantham University AAS in Medical Coding & Billing Grantham University – Grantham University's AAS in Medical Coding & Billing Program will enable its students to be apart of the medical coding and billing profession upon completion. Graduates learn about the types of healthcare facilities and their purpose, the meaning of medical terms and their respective abbreviation, and the ability to code and properly bill for administrative purposes.
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Allen School Cert in Billing & Coding Allen School – The certificate program of Billing & Coding at Allen School provides students with opportunity to learn the administrative and medical knowledge to be able to proper bill and code various procedure for financial and legal reason. Upon completion of the program graduates will be prepared for work in hospitals and various care facilities.
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